Quick Silver Attack Away! split

by Quick Attack

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This is our side of the Quick Attack/Hi Ho Silver, Away! split CD. 13 tracks! Whoa!

www.secretpennies.bigcartel.com (you can buy a CD for $5 here!)


released April 26, 2011

Jacob Jaffe recorded our side of the split in the Old Little Theatre at the College of Creative Studies at UCSB.




Quick Attack Santa Barbara, California

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Track Name: Champion of Vans
We will ring off the hook with a minute to spare, not enough but when is it ever? It’s nice to know you know that I’ll never call, just thinking I don’t wanna piss off your father. And you stare into space while I ask for the time; I’m imagining this while I’m waiting in line. There’s a bus that takes me right downtown to my new job–I’m only a door down the street from my old job. And that’s all that’s changed from the old me, speaking of.

I hope that you can believe me and I can let up, and I hope it won’t hurt you that I’m scared as fuck. It’s just my way of dealing, and everyone’s got one. I don’t have an answer; I don’t think I want one. That’s something to lose but at least it’s not someone.

And I know it’s not how I supposed, but these things happen so I might as well give up the straight face. It takes some time; I’ll give the best I can but I still want what’s mine.

And I’ve been luckier lately than I have the sense for. Let’s get past the stress before it gets us again, or the things people say when they know they don’t mean to, things I’ll forget by the next time I see you. We’re working on it but it gets hard for me too.

And I’ll say it if it’s true; that’s all that I can give you. That’s all I’ve ever known how to. And if I had something to prove, I’d like to think I wouldn’t have to sneak around the back door.

By the time I account for the time I’ve been losing, I’ve got miles to go till I feel like I’m moving. So all that I’m saying is I think we’ll be all right. If this van won’t make it it’s nice to know yours might.