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One day at practice we decided we should record a tape. We recorded it the next practice. The next week we gave it out at our first show. Up the punx. Secret Pennies Records repressed a new and slightly improved version of this tape! You can buy it for $4 here:


(It says preorder but it is not actually a preorder. Weird.)


released March 28, 2010

Recorded by Jacob Jaffe in the barn, March 20, 2010.




Quick Attack Santa Barbara, California

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Track Name: You Know About Stag Beetles??
Bad scene at the age of fifteen, cold sweat at your parents’ house. My hand moved too close, but that’s not what it’s about. I’ve got the worst suspicion, so bad you would not believe. Two years of awful luck can fuck your self-esteem. But if you let me I could be somebody different that you might like more than me.

Now I’m falling over my intentions just as I am prone to do, but I really don’t know what I want if I can’t just have you.

I spoke around the things I meant, tried for mysterious. Third-person pronouns always made things worse for us. You tried to get it, to your credit; you said, “It’s like I always knew.” That’s never hard to say, but it’s easier for you. And when you let me try to be somebody different, was some part of you laughing?

I know that we are young and I’ll regret this when I’m through, but I really don’t know what I want if I can’t just have you.
Track Name: Sevies
You’re just a fucking sevie! Get the fuck away from me!

You get out of my way – you know nothing of the ways of the world, and I should know. I could eat you alive on my worst day; I could look at you straight and you’d break. And I should know, yeah, I should know.

You got something to say? I would think twice. You’ve got nothing on us and the whole world knows. We own this school, we own the world and we own this bench. You’ve got some nerve, I’ll give you that.

(You think you got a right to talk shit but I don’t know why. I bet last year you weren’t even in junior high.) Yeah, you think you know shit but you don’t. ‘Cause you were born in the nineties, seven months younger than me, born in the nineties and that fuckin weirds me out.
Track Name: Thunderheads
Don’t think we were born knowing hope from anything. Don’t let go of the day you were born. Don’t be sorry for having faith in anything. I’m not sorry, I’d do it again.

I believe in using what you’ve got, like the times we walked straight through the night. And I know we’ve got a lot ahead of us. And I know who I am.

I’ve been as far as the state line and back again. Down this street are the halls of my grade school. Thunderheads seemed much bigger then – remember when this same storm shut those doors for a week?

Lifetimes behind, but there’s still time…
Track Name: Bike Cops
Track Name: The Coming Inanition
Waiting for the bus, waiting for the fall. Waiting for the end of it all -- we wait, you grow like a tumor, like a spreading rumor. Kick a pillar, watch the fucker fall, but fall softly.

But then she asks, "how are my kids gonna eat?" I can't believe something so simple's got us beat; caught inside for the collapse. "After the crash, you'll get used to eating trash" -- sorry dude, but the dumpsters go too.

Fall, but fall softly.

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